Quality Casino

What does “quality casino” mean and why a player should be interested in understanding it?

We agree that even in the undifferentiated world of online casinos, there may be different nuances and that the concept of quality casino may be a subjective question for many.

In fact, every player has their own quality expectations and different tastes. Some like to spend their free time playing slots, others prefer to play table games. Still others love to bet on football matches and occasionally pop into the casino.

The character of a person, his background or his upbringing affect his expectations and therefore the perceived quality.
We specify these -apparently unrelated-things because the quality of any product or service can never be separated from the expectations of a customer or user.

For the reason above, the fundamental thing is that the online casino is clear in the communication of its service and that it keeps its promise.

For example, if a casino claims to offer a 24/7 customer service which is actually not available in the evenings and weekends, when most players play, the expectations of the player will be disregarded and the perceived quality of the casino will be low.
In this case, we cannot speak of a quality casino even if it offers more games and features than other sites.

aving made this necessary premise, there are other factors, which, from our point of view, determine the quality of an online casino.

What are the factors of a quality casino?

The first factor that separates a quality casino from another casino is security. By security we mean several aspects.
Since we are talking about quality casinos in the United Kingdom, the necessary condition is to obtain a gaming license issued by the UKGC.

Any casino without this license operates illegally in the UK. You have no guarantees if you play in an unlicensed casino, no quality standards.

Quality casinos, after obtaining a license, assume the responsibility of complying with strict rules that determine, for example, the verification of identity and age, control of payments and non-speculative marketing communication.

Regarding this last point, it is not possible to promote the casino as a source of income or a means to get rich, it must always be communicated that only people of legal age can play and any bonus must show the terms and conditions unambiguously.

Not only that, but a quality casino must offer its players all the means necessary to maintain control over their gaming activity: therefore, allow you to easily set the deposit limits, give the possibility to totally self-exclude, to cancel the account and give support to those who have serious gambling problems.

In addition to this, a quality casino must ensure that transactions take place securely, through an SSL encrypted connection. It might seem trivial, but we have found some big names in gambling who still have an unsafe site.

Casinos that do not comply with these strict rules risk very hefty fines and in extreme cases they can lose their license.
Therefore, having a license is a necessary condition to legally operate in the UK, but not sufficient to be considered a quality casino, as the license can be revoked.

Customer support of a quality casino

After security, in our view, the second factor that determines a quality casino is customer service.
Offering quality customer service means taking care of your customers. Solving the problems that a player may have means guaranteeing a better experience.

The faster and more efficient the customer service, the less time players waste sorting out problems and the more time they have to play. This is an advantage not only for the players but especially for the casinos.

However, many casinos ignore or neglect the importance of this feature, penalizing players, who ultimately opt to play elsewhere.
Some key points regarding high quality casino’s customer support are:
• Players can easily find the customer support area in the casino site
• Presence of a FAQ section where the most common problems are addressed
• Several methods of assistance are offered, including live chat and email support

Games offered and usability

It goes without saying that the games offered are the very product of a casino. Hence, the more types of games offered and the better the partnerships with major providers, the better the quality of the casino.
Obviously, usability is another fundamental component.

The site should be accessible with any type of device and must load quickly.
The core functions must be easily activated and the most important pages must be linked in the main menu.

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