Rebelbetting review

If you’ve heard of Rebelbetting, you may already be familiar with the world of value betting.
It’s a way of making long-term winning bets. If you don’t know anything about it, we recommend that you read our insight into value bets.
Otherwise, you are probably here to understand what the service offers, how it works, if you can really make money, how much it costs, if Rebelbetting Pro is worth it and so on.
To answer all the doubts and uncertainties, here is the most comprehensive RebelBetting review of the web.

rebelbetting review

What is RebelBetting?

In a nutshell, it’s a value betting and sure betting software. This page only focuses on the RebelBetting review, so if you are not familiar with these concepts, you should definitely read our articles (value bet, sure bet or sports arbitrage betting).

Basically, this platform tells you what to bet, what amount and redirects you to the specific event page on the bookmaker’s site.
In addition, Rebelbetting tracks all the bets placed and calculates your profits, ROI and automatically sets the stake of the bet, based on your bankroll and the excpected value of the bet.

To give you more context about this brand: RebelBetting is a Swedish tech-company. They pride themselves to be inspired by healthy values ​​such as transparency, honesty and professionalism.

In 2007, two web developers and two poker players decided to join forces to build a product with a simple mission: to make profitable sports betting.
The team started creating a software and the first prototype was born after almost a year of work. In the first month of testing RebelBetting achieved a 12% ROI.

Since then, it has served more than 120,000 users from more than 140 countries around the world. From these numbers you should already realize how serious, authoritative and secure this service is.

If you are ready to start making money with RebelBetting, click on the button below.

Otherwise keep reading our review.

How does RebelBetting work?

Actually, there’s not much you should know about how RebelBetting works: in fact, once you register, you will be able to see a dashboard like this one.

rebelbetting dashboard

Here you can see a range of bets suggested by the platform, sorted by expected value, from highest to lowest. The expected value can fluctuate from 1% up to 20%.
For each bet you can see:
• Expected value
• Market and result to bet on
• when the event starts
• name of Bookmaker
By clicking on a bet, you can get more detailed information. In fact, in addition to the points just seen, here you will find:
• The odd
• The suggested stake
• The sport and tournament of the event

rebelbetting game

Moreover, you can find additional important buttons.
By clicking on the BET button, you will be redirected to the event page of that given bookmaker.
The LOG button allows you to add the bet to the tracker (we’ll go through this feature later).
With REMOVE, the bet will disappear (either you’re not interested or the odds changed); with CLOSE, the bet is closed but still available for later and with SNOOZE you hide the bet until 6 hours before the event starts.

RebelBetting Settings

By default, RebelBetting lists betting sites for the UK market. Of course, you can change this setting, based on your country.
This is the list of RebelBetting bookmakers available for UK users:

  • 10bet
  • Skybet
  • Unibet
  • 188bet
  • 32Red
  • Bet365
  • TLCBetUK
  • BetClic
  • Sportingbet
  • Betfair Exchange
  • Betfred
  • BetHard
  • Smarkets
  • BetSafe
  • Boyle Sports
  • Bwin
  • ComeOn
  • Coral
  • Jenningsbet
  • Jetbull
  • PartyPoker
  • Leovegas
  • Marathonbet
  • Mobilbet
  • Netbet
  • Novibet
  • William Hill

Setting up the bookmakers

Of course you only want to view betting sites that you can bet on. There is no point in having events from foreign bookmakers in the feed, right?!
In the footer menu, click on Options, then on Filters; here you have to add the sites from the list above.
Then, go to Bookmaker: on the drop-down menu at the top you can view the sites you have just selected; scroll through them one by one and make sure each one points to the UK website on the Domain field.

On this page, you also want to set the currency to GBP. “Change placed bets” recalculates in the tracker already placed bets with a new currency.
Rounding allows you to round your stake: by default this value is rounded to the unit, but you could change it for example if some bookmakers allow you to place bets to the cent.

On Tax, you tell RebelBetting to calculate the amount of taxes, if any. In this case, leave on NoTax, in fact there are no taxes to pay. In some countries, there may be commissions as a percentage of the stake (and that is why the Stake option also appears), but it is not a problem for UK players.
Instead, there may be a commission on the winning bet placed on a betting exchange like Betfair.
Once this step is complete, only bets from the selected sites will be displayed in the feed.

Setting up the bankroll

This section is important because it automates the betting process. Setting these fields precisely means increasing the profitability of RebelBetting and improving performance tracking.

rebelbetting bankroll options

First of all, you have to set your starting capital on Starting Bankroll: by default, the value is 800 and you have to change it according to your availability only when you start using the platform.
On Current Bankroll, you must set your current capital: this field must be constantly updated to maintain the chosen risk level.

If, for example, you come from a negative streak that impacts your capital, not updating this field could increase the percentage risk.

There’s no need to explain what the “Hide bet after placement” button does. The recommended choice is to hide all the markets of that sporting event. Alternatively, you can hide only that market (e.g. 1×2 or under / over) for the bookmaker or that market for all bookmakers.

Sort Bets allows you to sort bets by the highest value, closest or farthest to kickoff or in order of the latest found. You can set the number of visible bets up to a maximum of 20.
You can choose sports from:
• Football
• Tennis
• basketball
• American football
• Hockey
• Rugby Union
• Rugby League
• E-Sport
• Baseball

And the markets:
• Win (tennis)
• 1×2
• Asian handicap
• under/over

Setting the stakes

RebelBetting uses the Kelly Criterion to set the value of each bet. It is a mathematical formula designed to optimize the stake based on your bank, the odds of the event and the probability.

By default this value is 30% and should fluctuate between 20% and 50%.
The Max Stake is the maximum amount per bet that you are willing to wager. It should be at most 2%. For example, if your bankroll is € 1,000 and the Max Stake is 2%, the maximum stake will be € 20.


This section of RebelBetting is probably the most important (after the feed of course) because it allows you to track your performance and judge the value of the platform.

tracker rebelbetting

Here you can see the list of your bets, after clicking on LOG.
At the top, you can see the chart with the trend of the bets: the flat line indicates the expected performance, while the one below represents the real trend (it is normal that it is all an ups and downs and that at the beginning it is negative, in fact, at least 2000 bets are needed to win the variance).

Below the graph, there is the betting summary table with the following information:

Bet Placed: time and day when the bet was placed

Match start: date and time of the match/sports event

Event: match or sports event

Value: expected value of the bet

Selection: selected outcome market

Bookmaker: site on which you bet

Stake: amount of the bet


Result: outcome of the bet which can be lose, win or pending

Profit: the amount lost or won or pending if the bet is in progress

Cumulative: it indicates how much has been won (or lost) in total up to that moment

At the top right, above the table, you can see the number of bets made, the number of pending bets, and the amount of bankroll invested on bets still in progress.
Also, you can see:

Yield: the ROI per bet

CLV: the closing line value is the average value of your bets before the start of the game. In the long run, the yield will be similar to the CLV

Flat Yield: is the yield if you had bet a fixed amount and tells you how much the Kelly Criterion is impacting your ROI

Profit: how much money you have lost or won so far, i.e. the value of the first row of the cumulative column

CLV Profit: the profit you should have made so far

Flat Profit: The profit you would have made with a fixed stake

ROI: return on investment

Turnover: total amount wagered

Avg Value: average total expected value

Avg Stake

Avg Odds: The average value of all odds

You can see up to 100 bets per page, which can complicate the analysis as the number of bets increases.
This screen really offers useful information and is updated in real time thanks to the collaboration with Metabase.

One missing feature that could help a lot is the ability to download this data into a spreadsheet; in any case, just copy the values ​​and paste them into Excel and that’s it.

At the bottom of this report you will find two other links: one to your personal report which we will discuss in the next paragraph, the other summarizes the monthly profits of all RebelBetting users and gives an idea of ​​the effectiveness of this service as well as of the generated turnover.

rebelbetting results

Rebelbetting reports

The report section shows the performance through graphs and tables.
At the top right, you can select a time period to filter the results.

The first graph shows the trend of the profit line and the value of the closing line: it is normal that during the first few days of RebelBetting the profits are below the breakeven point and the value of the closing line. In the long run, the gap between the two lines will narrow. From time to time, profits will exceed the value of the closing line and vice versa.

rebelbetting reports

Below the graph, there are 3 tables, one for each segment (bookmakers, sports, market). Here, you can see the number of bets, investment, profit and income segmented by betting site, sport and market.
Finally, another graph representing the number of bets placed per day.

How to contact customer support

You are likely to need assistance because RebelBetting can be complex, especially at first if you are not familiar with value bets.
Click on Help in the menu at the bottom of the page to go to the RebelBetting guide, which we find quite detailed.

Here, you will find explanations on all the technical aspects of value betting and sure betting and on the functionalities of the platform.
There is also a support chat: it’s not really live but it’s more a tool to leave a message and get a response in a fairly short time.

We have tested this service and we can say that the RebelBetting team is quick enough to respond. When someone replies to you in chat, you will also receive an email notification, where you can continue the conversation.
However, this can be confusing as the email will be directed to [email protected] and not to the person you started the chat with.

RebelBetting value betting Review: our final thoughts

We have tested RebelBetting far and wide and the first question that every user asks is “can I make money with this tool or is it just a waste of time?”. The answer is “yes, it is possible to make money with RebelBetting”. The service offers hundreds of value bets per day for 20+ UK bookmakers. The platform is well made and simple to use.

BUT: this platform is not for you if you don’t have a budget of at least £ 1,000 to start with and if you don’t intend to invest some time, both in terms of daily bets and long-term effort. As the site itself says: “at least 2000 bets are needed to have statistically significant results”.

The price may be high for many but it more than compensates in the long run and you can save 30% on the annual subscription.
RebelBetting is worth trying and you can take advantage of the two-week free trial.
As confirmation of the legitimacy of the service, it offers a refund until you make a profit. Furthermore, the subscription can be canceled at any time, but we are sure that you will be happy with RebelBetting.

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