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In this article, we will tell you whether you can play FIFA for money, how and the best platforms where you can make some bucks with your favourite football video game. 

play fifa for money

Is it possible to make money playing FIFA in 2023?

Football is the most popular sport in the world so it comes with no surprise that FIFA, the best video game version of it, is the top choice for gamers all around the world. 

If millions of gamers play FIFA just for fun on a daily basis, a fast-increasing group of them is also looking to monetize their beloved hobby and turn it into a real profession. 

The truth is, the world of Esports is more and more competitive and those who can make it to a professional career are a very slim minority. In fact, to become a pro, you not only need uncommon skills, but also an iron mindset and the possibility to play long hours every day. 

To play professionally, it requires a commitment of at least 9-10 hours a day: it’s definitely not for everyone and it’s more demanding than a normal job. 

Which is why, most of the FiFA gamers quit their “pro dreams” pretty soon. 

Moreover, we know that the pros end their careers at the age of 25 on average to shift their time and resources somewhere else. 

With this information in mind, is it anyway possible to make money playing FIFA if you’re not a Pro

Fortunately, the answer is YES and we explain how you can make it too. 

Play FIFA for money on GameChampions

If you’re looking for a site where you can play FIFA for money, then your best option has a name: GameChampions. 

Founded in 2020, this platform allows you to play 1v1 FIFA games as well as tournaments. 

You can challenge other players or take part to the many free tournaments rewarding with some amazing prizes. 

Even though it’s not the only site offering this type of service, we find GameChampions to be the best app for a number of reasons. Here are the main ones: 

  1. Safe platform 
  2. FIFA community 
  3. Fair Play 

Reliable platform

One of the main obstacles to esports development is the lack of trust and the problem with fixed matching. 

Multiple accounts, collusion are just a few examples of how some players can take advantage over an i-gaming platform and manipulate the outcome of games and tournaments. 

Nobody feels safe playing under these circumstances unless some measures to tackle the problems are taken into consideration and, more importantly, put into practice. And that’s the case of GameChampions. 

play fifa for money on gamechampions

The company verifies the identity of each player and avoids multiple accounts with crossed IP checks. 

Eventually, if any player is found to cheat or playing against the terms and conditions, he will be blocked for good. 

When it comes to safety, payments play a major role as well. 

While the world of Esports is still unregulated, you want to deposit your money in a legit website

GameChampions offers a wide range of payment methods, fast cashouts and it’s a super safe platform. 

Huge FIFA fanbase

While on this site, you can play other esports including NBA2K and Madden, the core of the business is precisely FIFA. What does it mean? Many users playing FIFA for money on the platform means more games available, richer prizes and short waiting to find an opponent. 

GameChampions is growing exponentially which comes with bigger opportunities for the players. 

Fair Play 

This is an exclusive feature of GC, a major one which makes them stand out from all other competitors. With their ™ draft, players can be matched based on their skill level. 

If a player is much better than his opponent, he will play with a worse team to compensate for the skill gap. Specifically, this allows you to play a fairer game and more generally guarantees a much more balanced gaming platform. 

Your level is calculated automatically with AI, based on your performance. The more you win and the bigger the buyin, the higher your level will be.

It’s worth highlighting that it’s completely on the player whether using this feature or not. 

On the flipside, though, if you’re very good and are not using the Draft, other players might decide to avoid you, which is not desirable, isn’t it? 

Types of tournaments available

There are two main types of games available: 1v1 and tournaments. 

The first type allows you to play against another user: you can either challenge him or accept a game request. Exactly like a poker heads-up, both players pay a buy-in which forms the prize for the winner. Obviously, a part of this prize goes in commission for the service. 

win money playing fifa

You can also play tournaments against more than one player: it’s not a knock-out type of tourney though. You still play 1-1 and the more you play, the more points you get to dominate the leaderboard and win your share of the prize. 

Most of the tournaments are freeroll thus accessible to all players. A new feature has just been released: the “Energy”. 

By making some micro deposits you can buy additional games to climb the tournament’s rankings. 

How can I play FIFA for money

Your best call would be to register at The site accepts players from all over the world but you need to be at least 18 years old. 

Once you sign up, make sure to familiarise with their app. Start by playing free tournaments to understand how it works. Eventually, when you feel ready, you can make a deposit and level up your game

There are several payment methods available, including debit cards and e-wallets (unfortunately PayPal is no longer an option). 

To start playing, you need your EA ID, in order to match your opponent. The versions available are FIFA21, FIFA22 and the latest FIFA23. Your console can be either PlayStation or XBox

Once the game is over, both players need to submit their score. If the score matches, the winning player gets credited the winning. Otherwise, there’s a dispute, where the players must prove they’re right (normally a screenshot showing the game with the result and the players involved). 

Play FIFA for Money in a nutshell

In this article you learned that it’s possible to make money playing FIFA even though you’re not a pro gamer. 

Pursuing a professional career in this field is not for everyone and can cause a huge amount of stress. 

For most of us, keeping FIFA a fun activity in our spare time, simply makes sense. 

However, if you are good at it and you can monetize this skill, with limited effort, why not? 

We showed you how you can achieve it and what the best gaming platform to play FIFA for money is. 

You might not become a millionaire, but you can win hundreds if not thousands of $£€ a month. 

And if it’s not your case, it won’t take too long to find out. But most importantly remember that FIFA is a game and you should enjoy it!

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