Goal Profits Review: your Football Trading ally

Whether you wish to become a full-time professional sports trader or simply generate an additional income, Goal Profits will change your football trading forever. And this is true whether you have practiced it for years, or you’re just a newbie.

“Goal Profits is constantly evolving – and is already a complete product that is transforming occasional punters into professional traders.”

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goal profits review

⚽ Goal Profits Review: intro

If you are already a sports trader or if you want to become one, you may have heard of Goal Profits.

In our article, we will talk about this platform, what it offers and why it is a fundamental ally for anyone who wants to make sports trading a real profession or simply want to generate an additional source of income.

The Goal Profits site provides you with powerful information, data and statistics that will allow you to make logical and value-added decisions in the medium and long term.

Do not expect to get rich easily though! To use Goal Profits in a profitable way, you need experience, methodology, you need an optimal bankroll management and you must be eager to analyze your mistakes and learn from them.

Without these essential requirements, not even a powerful tool like Goal Profits can do much.

On the other hand, if you own the sports trading mindset already, you are ready to make the most of Goal Profits.

Interested? Continue reading our Goal Profits review.

ℹ️ What is Goal Profits?

Goal Profits is a football-data platform for betting and sports trading. It gives you access to powerful information on most of the football teams and leagues of the world in an intuitive and compact format

? The standard bettor limits

Several factors makes a difference between a traditional bettor and a sports trader.

First of all, the first is driven by gambling, while the second by an analytical method.

The bettor plays for fun, or even for money with a completely personal approach and he’s influenced by sensations and limited information.

The trader, on the other hand, sees betting as an investment made up of many transactions which generate a profit in the long run.

Like every good trader, the sports trader buys low and sells high, so he will focus on those events with high opportunities to profit.

To do so, the sports trader bets on special platforms, called betting exchanges.

While bookmakers decide arbitrarily the odds, on the betting exchanges the odds reflect the market (as matches between supply and demand).

Moreover, the sports trader is in control of his own limited and well-selected transactions and aims to maximize profits and limit losses.

For these reasons, the trader does not always enter at the beginning of the game and closes the trade at the end, but rather tries to find the right timing and follow the progress of the football games.

Goal Profits helps the decision making of sports traders and can be considered a gold mine.

Let’s see why by explaining how it works in the next paragraphs.

? How to trade with Goal Profit?

There is no single way to do sports trading, and there is certainly no single way to use Goal Profits to your advantage.

What I can tell you is that I have been using this tool for a while and my results have improved exponentially.

I wondered how I could do without it before and when you start your test, you will probably ask yourself the same question.

As mentioned, Goal Profits is an unparalleled source of information that can be applied to various trades and there is no single valid method.

But, since too much information could block you (especially at the beginning), I will tell you my personal approach to Goal Profits, divided into simple steps:

  • Create your shortlist
  • Analyze matches and teams
  • Follow the progress of the matches

Create a shortlist of events with Goal Profits

This step is essential and is the real starting point for football trading.

Especially if you are just starting out, you have to focus on mastering one or two basic football trading strategies (usually the lay the draw and / or the super over) and you have to carefully select the games on which to apply that given strategy.

A shortlist is nothing more than this: filtering a schedule of sport events so that only a limited list of eligible matches remains.

Goal Profits makes this selection a breeze, through six filters, each with a percentage value from 0 to 100, which are:

  • 0-0 at half time
  • 0-0 at the end of the game
  • Probability of a goal in the first half
  • Probability of a goal in the second half
  • Both teams score
  • Over 2.5 goals

For example, in the screenshot below, we have filtered out matches where there is a first half goal chance of at least 67%.

goal profits shortlist

The result is a table showing a handful of events with match time, country, league, home and away team. The values ​​for each of the filters mentioned above are then displayed.

Furthermore, the table can be sorted in ascending or descending order by selecting an element in the first row: in this way I can see the games in chronological order according to the starting time, or perhaps sort them by the probability of over 2 and a half goals.

Once we have our shortlist for the day, we are ready for the next step.

Analyze the selected games

With our list of games, we can go and analyze them to find interesting ideas and to understand if these games are opportunities based on our strategy; if the two teams are likely to score and how many goals; and to understand when a goal is most likely to arrive in order to decide when to enter and when to exit the trade.

Continuing with the previous example, let’s select the Aswan-Mouha match from the Egyptian championship.

Let’s go to the Team Stats tab of Goal Profits and look for this match.

In this section, each game is divided by league and appears with an expandable menu showing information as in the screenshot below.

goal profits game analysis

In the first row, you will find the Main trading stats.

Here, you can visually see the following statistics for the two teams in handy bar graphs:

  • Games played
  • Percentage of 0-0
  • Over 1.5
  • Over 2.5
  • Over 3.5
  • Percentage of games in which the team has scored at least one goal
  • Percentage of matches in which the team has conceded at least one goal
  • Average goals scored / goals conceded
  • Percentage of games in which both teams have scored
  • At least one goal in the first half
  • At least two goals in the first half
  • At least one goal in the second half
  • At least two goals in the second half
  • Possibility of CS3 strategy (correct score with 3 goals)
  • Possibility of CS4 strategy

In the next row, we find the same information but balanced on the basis of similar matches (based on the ranking of the two teams): in this case, top vs bottom, so one team at the top of the table and another at the bottom of the table.

Next, we have the predictions of the result, taken from different sites.

Again – and this is the most important section – the times of the goals, with the probability of goals scored and conceded for every 15 minutes of the game and between the first and second half.

Goal patterns

In the section, Goal Patterns, we can see which team is most likely to lead (or go down) by 1 or 2 goals.

The statistics are aggregated by taking into account the home team’s home performance and the away team’s away performances.

If the shortlist tells you with games to select, the Team Stats is an arsenal of information that suggests if and how to enter and exit the trade.

Follow the progress of matches with the Goal Profits Live Match

If having an initial strategy supported by relevant statistics is a great start, it is also true that each game has its own story and could go differently than we had imagined and predicted.

For this reason, it is essential to watch live matches if possible.

Often, however, these are minor leagues that are difficult to find.

Because of this and also because you may have multiple active trades at the same time, Goal Profits Live Match is a godsend.

goal profits live

The tool gives you the opportunity to understand the following information throughout the game, and in the previous 10 minutes:

  • Shots on goal
  • You pull out of the mirror
  • Parades
  • Shoot in the area
  • Shots from outside the box
  • Corner kicks
  • Dangerous attacks
  • Ball possession
  • Rating

These data are useful to understand who is dominating the game and the level of danger of the two teams that could lead to a goal.

The rating, which turns green from a value of 14, is an alarm bell that often indicates that a goal is imminent.

Thanks to this tool, it is also possible to use a different football trading approach.

Perhaps no trading opportunities emerged from the shortlist, instead manifested in the Live Stats Module.

We may notice a very active game and decide to trade.

Thus, we can analyze the match in question in Team Stats, to understand if there is the probability of a goal even according to the statistics.

⚙️ Other Goal Profits features

Obviously, the Goal Profits platform offers many other features.

For example, the strategies tab contains a set of Betfair trading strategies divided into three levels of experience and difficulty: trading basics, intermediate trading strategies and advanced trading strategies.

Beginner strategies

The first group is intended for beginners and contains 4 football trading strategies:

  • first half lay the draw
  • second half lay the draw
  • 65/75 (if a goal is scored during these minutes, another goal can be possibly scored)
  • M22 (Magical 2-2)

Intermediate trading strategies

  • First half 0-0
  • Second Half 1.5
  • 2001 (away team leading by a goal within 20 minutes)
  • L15 (bank in the last 15 minutes)
  • CS3 (correct score with 3 goals)
  • CS4

Advanced football trading strategies

Finally, the group for experienced traders that includes these tools:

  • Goal value table
  • Asian handicap
  • Contra (going against the odds of a given event)
  • Advanced CS3

You can access each strategy / tool by clicking on its button. This will open a page, which explains how it works by thread and by sign.

In some cases, filtered matches will be available on which that particular strategy can be applied.

For example, on the “Goal Value Table” page, there are games whose odds (taken from Betfair UK) are advantageous compared to the probability of the event (value betting).


This tab is really interesting, as you can see the trends of each league, regarding:

  • Home team wins
  • Draws
  • Away team wins
  • Over 0.5
  • Over 1.5
  • over 2.5
  • Over 3.5
  • Average goals per game
  • Average goals per game of the home team
  • Average goals per game of the away team
  • Both teams to score

This information can be filtered for the entire match, the first half or the second half.

In addition, you can select certain geographic areas, to skim those you are not interested in, or filter the data within a certain range of probabilities.

It is also possible to see the evolution of these trends or the values ​​for a specific year, in fact the database data starts from the 2011/12 season.

How can this tool be useful for us?

We want to know in which league there is the highest probability of over 2.5 and use this information for the super over strategy.

We sort the table by over 2.5 in descending order and we discover that in the 2021/22 season the S-League (Singapore) is the league with the highest probability of at least 3 goals per game (78%), followed by the English National League South (74 %) and Serie A (72%).

By focusing our attention on these leagues, it will be easier to filter and find the matches with the best betting opportunities.

How to start with Goal Profits football trading service

Hopefully, after this Goal Profits review, you have a better understanding of what this platform is about. Remember there’s 1 week trial at only £1.

The process is quick and easy. You just need to choose your plan among the monthly, quarterly or annual plans.

Select the payment method where you will be charged based on the plan chosen ( either card or PayPal).

Once you’re a member make sure to go through all the informational/educational Goal Profits provide you with and get familiar with the dashboard.

✔️ Goal Profits Review football trading: our final thoughts

It’s hard to find a tool that gives you so much useful information at once. Goal Profits is a real gold mine for anyone serious with sports trading but also with value bets and those looking for a scientific approach to betting.

We definitely recommend that you do the trial week to see for yourself what it is.

In the end, you will decide if it is worth it for you, if you prefer to opt for another paid tool or if you believe you do not need it at all.

Possibily, the monthly cost may not be sustainable for beginners who start football trading with low stakes.

But surely, it is a cost that is easily absorbed in the med-long term, as your profits grow.

❓ Goal Profits football trading service FAQ

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  • Is Goal Profits a get rich quick scheme?
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